5 years single cycle degree in LAW (Ord. 2017)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: Students are required to have passed the exam of "Diritto penale 1".
Students are required to have a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of criminal law and constitutional law.
A basic knowledge of English language will suffice to attend the course; the proper use of legal English language with regard to the specific subject will be acquired during the course.
Examination methods: The exam consists in an oral interview on two topics covered during the course; one topic will be chosen by the candidate, the other one by the Commission.
Students who gave a class presentation of a criminal case or of a paper on a specific topic, assigned by the teacher, will be examined on one topic only (different from those discussed in the presentation).
Possibility of extraordinary exam sessions.
Course unit contents: The penal intervention in the exercise of economic activities. "White collar" crime: notion and criminological aspects.
Economic crimes and globalisation: characters and forms of transnational crime.
Sources of international and supranational law on the prevention and repression of economic criminality.
Corporate criminal liability in the internal and supranational dimensions.
Instruments to contrast profitability of economic crime: confiscation; anti-money laundering.
Economic crimes and organised crime.
Economic organised crime in the environmental sector. Penal protection of environment and instruments to contrast eco-mafias.
Corporate corruption. The role of the "whistle-blowing" in the fight against corruption and in the prevention of white collar crimes.
New information and communication technologies and economic crimes. Cybercrimes (in particular, abusive access to computer systems; criminal damage to computer systems; computer frauds; computer violations of privacy; computer crimes of copyright infringement).