Second cycle degree in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Campus: PADOVA

Language: Chinese

Teaching period: Second Semester

Lecturer: -- --

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 1

Course unit contents: Teaching Syllabus of Basic Chinese Language Course for 2017 Summer Guangzhou Exchange Program

Course Design
The basic Chinese language course for 2017 summer Guangzhou Exchange Program is aimed at providing twenty-five or so beginners majoring in economic management from Padova University in Italy with introductory knowledge of mandarin Chinese language and preliminary skills of using Chinese language with a focus on listening and speaking. To ensure a safe and pleasant journey to Guangzhou China for the upcoming summer exchange program, an intensified training course is a must for fear that the young students might experience failures in communication due to language barriers. As a matter of fact, each learner will be able to produce correct Chinese speech sounds and to make basically appropriate everyday dialogues in Chinese on the basis of a expectant language storage of two hundred or so Chinese vocabulary, basic grammar and related knowledge of Chinese language, culture and society.
Considering the ultimate goal of the crash Chinese course, teaching programs have to be designed very practically and methods to be adopted very efficiently. In order to create a group of qualified Chinese speakers at beginner level, both knowledge of Chinese language and culture will be involved. Accordingly, a great deal of oral practice is hopefully completed in class in an interactive manner which is student-centered for sure.
The teaching and learning contents are listed here.
1.1 Introduction to Chinese phonetics and practice
1.2 Introduction to the formation of Chinese characters and spelling practice
1.3 topic-based everyday Chinese dialogues
1.4 basic Chinese grammar
1.5 high-frequency of some verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives and particles: meaning and usage
1.6 a general survey of traditional Chinese culture and modern society
1.7 a spoken test to be held in the end

Course calendar:
8:30—10:30, Monday, and 15:30—17:30, Friday
30 teaching hours from late April to early June , 2017

Information of the professor
Surname and name: Li Difei
Phone: 3288052325