Second cycle degree in ECONOMICS AND FINANCE - ECONOMIA E FINANZA (discontinued)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: The course does not presume specialized background in management or accounting.
Examination methods: Final exam is written and is different for:
- attending students
- non-attending students.
Course unit contents: The course aims to introduce students to fundamental questions and theoretical approaches in the study of public management and performance measurement in public organizations.
Today the issue of public management is deeply studied both by national and international researchers. The managerial approach to public organizations is “newer” compared to the private management studies, but it is not so “young”, considered that it was raised during the ’80s in many OECD countries as a consequence of a generalized public resources crisis.
By tradition, the widespread approaches to public organizations are those of political science or public and administrative law. Instead this course presents some frameworks used in international management and accounting literature useful in the understanding of how management control in a public organization works, what are its specific features and how performance measures can be defined. Given the high heterogeneity of the public organizations (local and regional governments, national governments, healthcare organizations, schools, universities, public-private providers of local services such as waste management, water distribution, local transport …), during the course we refer mainly to local governments, but we’ll propose also some examples of healthcare and high education.