Second cycle degree in FOREST SCIENCE - SCIENZE FORESTALI (Ord. 2017)

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 2

Course unit contents: Introduction to basic procedures in using a geographic information system (GIS) for data visualization and analysis - we will be using open source GIS software (QGIS).

The following topics will be discussed in practical labs:

1. data formats in vector and raster models
2. importing geographic datasets from different formats, file-based and geodatabases (Postgresql/PostGIS, SQLlite, Oracle)
3. exporting data to common raster and vector formats
4. thematization and color scales for raster and vector layers - data representation
5. geoprocessing of vector data
6. tabular and spatial joins
7. attribute queries, subsetting data from vectors
8. raster processing - raster calculator and other methods for deriving information from rasters, masking
9. rasterization of vector data using direct conversion or interpolation using TIN and IDW methods
10. layout for printing maps with map elements (legend, scale etc...)

Real data from projects will be used in the lab, to give a practical hands-on approach to the course.