Second cycle degree in BIOTECHNOLOGIES FOR FOOD SCIENCE (Ord. 2017)

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 8

Prerequisites: The student needs to know the basic aspects of genomics, with particular reference to the analysis of DNA polymorphisms using molecular markers.

Propedeuticità: None
Examination methods: Both written test (in progress) and oral examination (at the end of the course).
Course unit contents: Genomics applied to marker-assisted selection (MAS) for the breeding of crop species. Genetic-molecular identification of species by DNA profiling with PCR-derived markers (SSR, SNP), and cpDNA and mtDNA barcoding; determination of genetic diversity, similarity and identity statistics, genetic differentiation and gene flow, genetic distance parameters, estimates of homozygosity and heterozygosity useful for the genetic characterization and identification of plant cultivars (hybrids, pure lines, and clones), and animal races and breeds; implementation of molecular diagnostic assays for the genetic traceability of agri-food products by means of DNA fingerprinting, SSR genotyping and SNP haplotyping.
Genetically modified organisms (GMO). Methods of genetic transformation of plants and animals. Analysis of GMOs and traceability of their food derivatives by using Real-Time PCR assays. Legal aspects related to the production of GM plants and animals, and to the commercialization of GMO-derived products.