Second cycle degree in SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester

Lecturer: LUCA SELLA

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: Biology of plants and of microorganisms, biochemistry, genetics, agronomy and crop sciences, principles of Plant Pathology
Examination methods: Examination procedures: in addition to a written exam consisting of closed questions on the material covered in class, students will be required to prepare and present in class two power point presentations on topics agreed with the course instructor.
Course unit contents: - Evolution of plant pathogens in modern agriculture vs. natural ecosystems. Effect of high-intensity, multicropping and monoculture. Effect of qualitative and quantitative resistance. Fungicide resistance in crop pathogens;
- Cultural practice to slow down the evolution of infective traits in the pathogen population. Deployment of R genes: mixture, pyramiding and rotation. Species diversification: crop rotation and intercropping;
- Fungicide resistance management. Reducing selection: principles and strategies. Fungicide dose, mixtures, alternation, spray timing;
- Biological control. Mechanisms: antagonism, competition for nutrients, induction of resistance in plants. Biological control agents: oomycetes, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Physical methods, organic amendments, plant extracts and secondary metabolite;
- Predictive models and Decision-support systems: developments, improvements and benefits. Examples: wheat-Fusarium spp., apple-Venturia inaequalis, grapevine-Plasmopara viticola pathosystems.