Second cycle degree in SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 4

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic statistics is strongly encouraged (if you know how to correctly use a z-test and a t-test you are ok) and familiarity with basic computer software for data analysis (e.g. MS Excel) is encouraged but not strictly requested.
Examination methods: Final practical exam and evaluation of a project work.

Exam will be practical - using GIS to solve several tasks over data which are provided to the candidate .

The report for the project work is a 4-6 page report on analysis of spatial data using GIS – the type of analysis and data are chosen freelyby the candidate
Course unit contents: - spatial data definition, common models of digital representation of spatial data (vector, raster, TIN etc..)
- data source types (file-based, web-based, geodatabases, web services etc…);
- sources of spatial data (satellite images – Sentinels/Landsat, regional and national cartographic data – topographic geodatabases, global datasets – e.g. global forest cover etc…);
- visualizing data, color representations and production of thematic maps from attributes;
- analysis of raster and vector data using GIS tools over single or multiple layers (geospatial relations, raster calculations, interpolation etc...).