Second cycle degree in ITALIAN FOOD AND WINE

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: The class does not require any "bridging courses" and some base knowledge will be given during the first credits of the course.
Examination methods: The final evaluation will be by means of oral exam and by means of the preparation and exposition of a group work.
Course unit contents: 1st credit: Introduction. Basic principles of microbiology. Microbial nutrition and metabolism. Microbial growth and its control. Food-related microbial ecology.
2nd credit: Yeast and bacteria involved in food production. Technological role of microorganisms. Main microbial metabolisms and products involved in food quality.
3rd credit: Typical Italian dairy and fermented meat products – technological process and microbial involvement in quality traits (cheese and salami).
4th credit: Typical Italian alcoholic beverage – technological process and microbial involvement in quality traits (wines, distillates, bears).
5th credit: Case study on Italian Typical Products chosen among important ripened cheeses and fermented meat products. Tradition, production and valorisation.
6th credit: Field trips connected with the case study treated during the course.