Second cycle degree in ITALIAN FOOD AND WINE

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: IMPORTANT INFO: Students from the first year (Food and Wine History, Anthropology and Society) will follow the course Food, Wine and Society for the first 32 hours (4 cfu). They will continue the course with prof. Michela Zago from mid-November for the remaining 32 hours (4 cfu).
Students from the second year (Food, Wine and Society) will follow the whole course (48 hours 6 cfu).
Examination methods: The final mark is made up of three component: class participation, individual project work based on a case-study analysis; oral examination on articles and part of book presented in the class work. Weight of the three components will be provided at the beginning of the lectures.
Course unit contents: First part, for I and II year students, "Food and Wine History, Anthropology and Society" and "Food, Wine and Society", Prof. Gusmeroli:
1. Social Construction of Feeding rules, applied to Italian Cuisine and Mediterranean Diet(s);
2. Food and Wine. Quality as Social Distinction;
3. Wine Cultures, Transitions within Family Companies and International Markets;
4. Nutrition, safety and security. Perspectives in a Global World.

Second part, only for II year students "Food, Wine and Society":
5. Feeding the Planet? Uses of the Past, Strategies of the present. Mediterranean Food and Wine in a Globalized World.

Second part, only for I year students "Food and Wine History, Anthropology and Society", Prof. Michela Zago:
5. Taxonomies, interdictions, cultural models and the notions of taste and distaste;
6. Festivals and carnivals;
7. Creation and reproduction of local, regional and national identities and stereotypes;
8. Specificities of the "mangiare all'italiana";
9. Italian food and postmodernity.