Second cycle degree in BIOTECNOLOGIE PER L'ALIMENTAZIONE (Ord. 2011) (discontinued)

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester

Lecturer: LUCA SELLA

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 7

Prerequisites: Cellular biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics, Microbiology
Examination methods: Examination procedures: students will be required to prepare and present in class a power point presentation on a topic agreed with the course instructor and to pass a final written quiz consisting of closed and open questions based on the material covered in class.
Course unit contents: Biotechnology in crop disease management (4 CFU)
- Outline of the biology of plant pathogens and crop diseases;
- Molecular techniques for pathogens identification;
- Molecular mechanisms of infection of pre- and post-harvest pathogens affecting quality and crop production;
- Biotechnology for the control of crop diseases.

Biotechnology in crop pest management (3 CFU)
- Ecology of pests affecting quality and crop production;
- Molecular techniques for arthropods identification;
- Biotechnologies for the control of the main arthropod pests;
- Arthropods as vectors of humans diseases.