English language plays a vital role in communication both in scientific community and the working world. The Univesity of Padova offers several degrees and short specialization courses completely held in English and a wide range of course units mostly at master level held entirely in English, which are aimed at both its students who wish to improve their language skills and students partecipating in Erasmus and other exchange programmes.

For each of the 8 Schools here below we give both the list and links to the degree courses completely held in English and the list of the course units taught in English, again with links to their detailed description. This latter list is in alphabetical order, with the aim of favouring choices of the students from a broad range of subjects.

Regularly enrolled students who have included course units held in English in their study programme can improve their language level by attending the 50hrs.english courses with a mother tongue teacher: further information and contacts will be available on the italian website.

Current Academic Year Calendar