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Curriculum Vitae
1. Education
(2000) PhD in Energetics, University of Padova, Italy.
(1996) MSc (Laurea) with honor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.

2. Key Experience and Employment
(2014) Qualification for Full Professorship in “Fluid Machinery and Energy Systems”, Italian Ministry of Education and Research.
(2011) Associate professor in Fluid Machinery, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.
(2007-2010) Assistant and adjunct professor of Fluid Machinery and Aircraft Propulsion, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.
(2004-2007) Contract professor in Aircraft Propulsion, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.
(2000-2003) Researcher, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.
(2001) Research Assistant, School of Engineering, Cranfield University, UK.
(2000) Visiting post-doctoral researcher, Turbomachinery CFD Research and Computing Laboratory, Cranfield University, UK.
(1996-1998) Researcher at CISAS (Centre of Studies and Activities for Space).

3. Affiliations

4. Reviewer and Editorial Activity
Contributing Editor of AIAA Student Journal (since 2001).
Member of the Editorial Board of the congress ECOS 2007
Reviewer of the following journals: AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power (2003), ìComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (Elsevier Science) (2004), Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier Science) (2006), ASME Journal of Energy Resources and Technology (2006), Computer & Fluids (Elsevier Science) (2006-2008) and many others.

5. National and International projects
Scientific coordinator of the following projects:
- DeSiReH, Design, Simulation and Flight Reynolds Number testing for advanced High Lift Solutions, FP7 (EU)
- Heavycopter ìContribution to optimisation of heavy helicopter engine installation design, 2011-2013, FP7 (EU) JTI CleanSky
- CODE-Tilt Contribution to design optimization of tiltrotor components for drag reduction, 2011-2013, FP7 (EU) JTI CleanSky
- TILTOp Efficient Shape Optimization of Intake and Exhaust of a Tiltrotor Nacelle
- HoverSpill, MultiEnvironment Air Cushion Oil Spill Fast Response & Post Emergency Remediation System,î FP7 (EU)
- Study of Devices for drag reduction in small aircraft, AgustaWestland
- Aeromechanical study of small wind generators, Linz Electric
- Methodology for assessment of aerodynamic characteristics of fuselages at high angles of attitude, AgustaWestland

6. Awards
- Best Paper Award in Propulsion, AHS Americal Helicopter Society, “A New Methodology for Determining the Optimal Rotational Speed of a Variable RPM Main Rotor/Turboshaft Engine System”, 2013 AHS Forum 69 in Phoenix, AZ.
- Best Paper Award, IAENG International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2012, San Francisco, CA, per l’articolo “GeDEA-II: A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Based on the Simplex Crossover and The Shrink Mutation”.
- “2012 Outstanding Reviewer”, Journal of Energy Engineering (
- Nomination at the New York Academy of Sciences, for the prize outstanding young researchers, 2010.
-Regional Prize for Innovation (Premio Regionale per l'Innovazione 4a Edizione)

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2017/18
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9 2nd Year First semester ERNESTO BENINI
Details for students enrolled in A.Y. 2016
6 2nd Year First semester ERNESTO BENINI