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Structure Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry
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Qualification Ricercatore universitario confermato
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Proposals for thesis
A list of the theses I supervised or co-supervised can be retrieved at the URL:

Curriculum Vitae
1. Education and professional career
The interaction between living organisms and the environment for conservation planning of natural resources is one of my main passions, educational abilities and scientific research fields. I took interest in the study and conservation of plants and vegetation by taking part in several botanical excursions and collaborating with professional firms when I was a student. On June 18, 2001 I obtained a master degree in forestry and environmental science by defending a thesis on the application of a classification system of forest types in a South-Eastern Alpine region. From 2001 to 2007 I have been a consultant, gaining experience in planning of protected areas and forests, in environmental impact assessment and in the implementation of models for the assessment of the conservation value of natural resources. My main customers were protected areas and executive departments. I am a registered forester since 2003. On March 22, 2005 I obtained a PhD in forest ecology, defending a thesis on ecological corridors for plants. Since October 1, 2007 I have been an assistant professor.

2. Scientific research
Since October 1, 2007 I have been principal investigator of around twenty research projects focused on several temperate ecosystems of Central and Southern Europe. One of my aims is to transfer knowledge to executive departments, working in close collaboration with them; 80% of the research funds granted to me are provided by extra mural institutions. Fellows, post-docs, PhD, graduate and undergraduate students collaborate to these researches. I have also participated to national and international research projects coordinated by colleagues from the University of Padova and other Italian, European and extra-European research institutions.

3. Curricular teaching
Since 2004 I have been lecturing for 912 hours, of which 414 in English, in bachelor's and master's courses taught at the universities of Padova, Milan and Bozen, I taught classes in applied ecology, environmental assessment, forest and land planning. On march 18, 2003 I co-supervised the first thesis and, since then, I have been supervisor of more than seventy thesis which dealt with the same topics of my teaching activity.

4. Extra-curricular teaching
I gave seminars and lectures at the Berlin Technical, Melbourne, and Northampton universities. I have coordinated a summer school class on ecotourism in Uganda. I frequently teach professional courses for several institutions like Veneto Region, Stelvio National Park, professional associations, research centers and schools of Padova University.

5. Management activity
I am member of Departmental commissions for research and professional enrollment. I represent the Department in scientific associations and ministerial working groups. Since 2008 I have been a member of the teacher board of the Doctoral Course in Land, Environment, Resources and Healthy.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 6B1EADCB9444B4857B089BE9AB303F6E.pdf

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