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Proposals for thesis
Used approaches:

- Geo-historical
- Cartographical
- Geomorphological
- GIS-based


- Wetlands in the alluvial plains
- Cultural tourism and landmarks related to the hydrographical evolution
- Military geography related to wetlands and rivers
- Historical cartography

Geographical areas:

- Venetian plain
- South Carolina (USA)

Curriculum Vitae

Graduated cum laude in 2004 in Geological Sciences at the University of Padova, Dr. Piovan took the PhD in 2008 in “Man and Environment” at the University of Padova with the dissertation “Palaeohydrography of Southern Venetian Plain and Man-Environmental Relationship in the Holocene”.

She became Researcher in Geography (2010) within the Department of Historical Geographical and Antiquity Sciences (DiSSGeA), University of Padova (2011).

Dr. Piovan has been Visiting Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina in 2017, 2016 (funded by the South Carolina Department of Transportation) and in 2015 (funded by Ca.Ri.Pa.Ro. Italian foundation).

She is Aggregate Professor in “Cartography and GIS” for the bachelor’s degree program in History and in “Local Development: Space Framing and GIS” for the master’s degree program in Local Development. She is also instructor in “History of Cartography and Use of Historical Maps in Geohistorical Reconstructions” for the Second Level Master Degree in GIScience and Unmanned System for the integrated management of the territory and the natural resources.

Her main research interests are geo-historical evolution in man-environmental relationship in alluvial plains; historical cartography and GIScience; palaeogeographical reconstruction; stratigraphical architecture and geomorphology of the alluvial plains.

She is a researcher on the project “Assessing the Impacts of the October 2015 Meteorological Event on the Topography and Road Network of the McCrady Training Center” funded by South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG). She also collaborates on the “Wetland Mitigation Needs Forecasting Model project” funded by SCDOT, USA. She is on the research team for PRAT (Progetto di Ateneo) “Ecosystem Services in the low plain of the Adige and Bacchiglione rivers from Middle Ages to the Contemporary Age” (2015-2017).

Dr. Piovan presents her research at international conferences (the last one: Association of American Geographer Annual Meeting, April, 2017) and publishes in international journals. She has authored numerous book chapters on fluvial issues of the Veneto region. She coordinated the Erasmus IP “European Seminar on the Geography of Water” for the University of Padova since 2010 and was Chief of the scientific and organizing committee for the of the “17th Erasmus IP European Seminar on Geography of Water” (2014).

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