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SCP4067980, A.A. 2017/18

Information concerning the students who enrolled in A.Y. 2017/18

Information on the course unit
Degree course Second cycle degree in
SC1173, Degree course structure A.Y. 2010/11, A.Y. 2017/18
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Degree course track ASTRONOMIA [001PD]
Number of ECTS credits allocated 6.0
Type of assessment Mark
Course unit English denomination THEORETICAL ASTROPHYSICS (MOD. A)
Website of the academic structure
Department of reference Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mandatory attendance
Language of instruction English, Italian
Single Course unit The Course unit can be attended under the option Single Course unit attendance
Optional Course unit The Course unit can be chosen as Optional Course unit

Teacher in charge PAOLA MARIGO FIS/05

Integrated course for this unit
Course unit code Course unit name Teacher in charge

ECTS: details
Type Scientific-Disciplinary Sector Credits allocated
Core courses FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics 6.0

Mode of delivery (when and how)
Period Annual
Year 1st Year
Teaching method frontal

Organisation of didactics
Type of hours Credits Hours of
Hours of
Individual study
Lecture 6.0 48 102.0 No turn

Start of activities 02/10/2017
End of activities 15/06/2018


Common characteristics of the Integrated Course unit

Prerequisites: The whole content of the Laurea in Astronomia and the mandatory course of the 1st year of the Master course.
Target skills and knowledge: Extensive knowledge of stellar astrophysics, extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology.
Examination methods: Oral examination
Assessment criteria: Critical knowledge of the various topics and demonstrated ability to understand the inter-connections.

Specific characteristics of the Module

Course unit contents: 1. White Dwarfs
Degenerate structure. Cristalization
External envelope.
Cooling laws.
Effects of diffferent chemical stratifications

2. Stellar Winds.
Coronal winds. Isothermal case. Generale case.
Radiative winds. Wind dynamics: basic laws.
Multiple line models.

3. Variable stars.
Elements of Pulsation Theory.
Adiabatic treatment.
Non-Adiabatic treatment.
Ionization-driven instability.
Radial pulsators.
Non-Radial pulsators.
Elements od Asterosismology.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods: In-class lectures, with use of both classical methodology (lectures at the blackboard) and media (slides, movies, applets).
Additional notes about suggested reading: Slides and other material available in electronic format to the students.
Textbooks (and optional supplementary readings)
  • M. Salaris & S. Cassisi, Evolution of Stars and Stellar Populations. --: John Wiley & Sons, 2005. Testo consigliato, non obbligatorio. Puo' essere consultato presso l'ufficio del docente Cerca nel catalogo
  • H.J.G.L.M. Lamers & J.P. Cassinelli, Introduction to Stellar Winds. --: Cambidge University Press, 1999. Testo consigliato, non obbligatorio. Cerca nel catalogo
  • C. Aerts, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, D.W. Kurtz, Asteroseismology. --: A&A Library, Springer, 2010. Testo consigliato, non obbligatorio. Cerca nel catalogo