Second cycle degree in ASTRONOMY

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: Basic Physics I and II, Calculus I and II, Atomic Physics, Astrophysics I - II
Examination methods: oral

oral exame, eventually integrated by the presentation of a topic related to the program me agreed in advance with the teacher
Course unit contents: Radiation in the interstellar gas: definition of radiative terms; transfer equation; local thermodynamic equilibrium; equivalent thermodynamic equilibrium.
Emission and absorption lines in the interstellar environment: emission and absorption coefficients; statistic equilibrium; collisional processes and kinetic temperature; excitation in interstellar conditions; forbidden lines; recombination lines; intensity of lines as a function of density and temperature.
Continuum emission and absorption processes: free-free transitions; intensity of the thermal radio continuum; bound-free and free-bound transitions; synchrotron radiation.
Ionization: ionization equilibrium; ionization of hydrogen; HII regions; ionization of helium; dust extinction; HI regions; ionization of the heaviest elements.
Formation and dissociation of interstellar molecules: molecular hydrogen; CO, OH, H2O in diffuse nebulae; molecules in dense nebulae.
Thermal equilibrium and kinetic temperature of gas: Equation of thermal equilibrium; heating and cooling processes of gas; thermal equilibrium of HII regions; thermal state of HI regions.