5 years single cycle degree in LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE (Ord. 2014) (discontinued)


Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester

Lecturer: -- --

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: The course is entirely held in English.
Examination methods: Oral final examination. Upon request, the oral examination can be replaced with the submission of a written paper on a negotiated subject, upon which the evaluation will be based.
Course unit contents: The course will deal with the hottest post-global crisis topics, on a comparative perspective. It will ponder how and if the "rights" structure that prevails in contemporary public law is responsive to contemporary needs. Case discussions will be the prevailing method through which topics will be treated. Special attention will be devoted to economic and social rights in America, Europe, and new global powers.

The following issues will be covered :
- right to entrepreneurship
- right to health
- right to housing
- right to food and water
- right to social assistance
- entrepreneurship and labour rights
- individual rights and e-conomy.