Second cycle degree in BIOTECHNOLOGIES FOR FOOD SCIENCE (Ord. 2017)

Campus: LEGNARO (PD)

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester

Lecturer: -- --

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 8

Prerequisites: The students are required to possess a basic knowledge on general aspects of molecular biology and biochemistry.
Examination methods: Oral examination (80% of total points);
A PPT presentation on a specific subject chosen within the focus of the course will be required before final oral examination to integrate the final mark (10% of total); Attendance to practicals will also be evaluated (10% of total).
Course unit contents: 6 CFU:
- Molecular and physiological basis of crop production;
- Impact of environmental constraints on crop production;
- Main signaling and transduction pathways regulating the stress tolerance;
- Biotechnological approaches to improve stress resilience.
- Molecular and physiological basis of fruit set, development and ripening;
2 CFU:
- Biotechnological approaches to control fruit development and ripening;
- Fruit biofortification: principles and biotechnological intervention.